Welcome to the Broyhan Haus Hannover

 A feast for your eyes...That is why you certainly will enjoy the historical  atmosphere of the "Broyhan Haus". Whether you walk in for  a cool fresh draught beer after shopping or to test if our kitchen  and wine card meets your expectation - we promise not to disappoint  you. For your wish is our command.
If you should happen to visit in  a small group, we kindly ask you to make reservations to guarantee for a swift service.

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Start you 3D virtual walk through the Broyhan Haus. Explore every corner of the “Deele Restaurant”, the “Schänke”, “Omas gute Stube” and the “Urbock Keller”.

Deele Restaurant

Dine  and drink in a historic environment. The general view shows that is  extreme comfortable. From the window seat you have a wonderful view  on the street,
and further back in the "Deele" the atmosphere is more private.  Enjoy a la carte specialties and quench your thirst with our  large assortment of tasty beer.


The  place were nice people meet and chat around the bar. Relax and watch  the busy activities on the street, make new contacts, or just sit  and relax on one of the seperate tables.

Omas gute Stube

Spend  an unforgettable evening with friends or with your family in a private  atmosphere. Reserve your table where you may - but mustn't - Ignore  the rest of the guests.


Ideal  for all who love the exceptional! Discover the charm of our medieval  tavern. This tavern makes your special event to an unforgettable festivity.  Why not invite friends to your own private Round Table Dinner? Up  to 45 persons will fit comfortably into this unique vault.