History of the “Broyhan Haus”  and the “Einbecker “ beer in Hannover

This house is one of the oldest townsmen houses of the city of Hannover. It was built around the second half of the 14th Century in the year 1537. Brewmaster Cord Broyhan formerly world-known for his skills, gained prosperity to purchase the house. For this reason the half timber-framed house was rebuild in the year 1985, where neither costs nor efforts were spared to rebuild the historian building as the prototype, and thus carries the name “Broyhan Haus”.

n the Middle Ages, when the foundation stone was layed, there was a beer of excellent quality, durability and digestability which was famous far beyond the German borders, and most of all beloved in the cities of the Hanseatic League - the “Ainpƶcksche Bier”.

The “Ainpƶcksche Bier” was first registered in the office of the city account in 1391. The city council however forbade by punishment all trades of beer not brewed in the city. The probation was cancelled by the council at the end of the 14th Century, and since then the herb-spicy taste of the beer of Einbeck was finally served under the supervision of the council.

Today you, dear Ladies and Gentleman, can - on the historical sight of the “Broyhan Haus” - enjoy the same prime qualtity of the “Einbecker” beer as it has been for Centuries.